Brent Bacheller Steven DeTray Sarah McManus Joey Stallone Ryan Maher Kalina 'Sparky' Griggs Kinjal Mitra Kristy Charroin

"There was no one near to confuse me,

so I was forced to become original."

~Joseph Haydn

old piano front
old piano right angle
old piano side
old piano back
old piano with bench
old piano keyboard closeup
piano carousel image 1 piano carousel image 2 piano carousel image 3 piano carousel image 4 piano carousel image 5 piano carousel image 6 piano carousel image 7

sand & spray

The helping hands of Tommy from Tommy’s Window Tinting came to the Splash office to help sand and paint our piano. Tommy’s expertise allowed us to push our piano to a higher quality project. Tommy provided his professional tools which he normally would use to paint high end automotive vehicles. He was also our source for vinyl painting when it came time for the stool.


piano sketch
tracing the map onto the piano1 tracing the map onto the piano2 tracing the map onto the piano3 tracing the map onto the piano4 tracing the map onto the piano5 tracing the map onto the piano6 tracing the map onto the piano7 tracing the map onto the piano8 tracing the map onto the piano9 tracing the map onto the piano10
please play me


With a simple rough sketch Kinjal attacked the piano with his charcoal pencil. Please Play Me is an essential part of the piano because it invites the public to engage with the musical instrument. The true purpose of this project lies behind these words.

Oregon Outline
bench 1 bench 2
lamp 1
lamp 2
lamp 3

on set

studio piano slideshow 1 studio piano slideshow 2 studio piano slideshow 3 studio piano slideshow 4 studio piano slideshow 6

LEO - Stopping to Start

We had the pleasure of having LEO come into our studio and play a couple of songs for us on our finished piano. Stopping to Start is an original piece that was perfect to show off the beautiful sound from this restored instrument. This video is the recording of the first song being played on this renovated piano that was soon to be played all day and night out in the public. Lanksy Sound was gracious enough to volunteer their time to record the musical piece.

Artist LEO
Art Direction Brent Bacheller
Videographer Steven DeTray
Ryan Maher
Sound Engineer Lanksy Sound
insta 1
insta 1
insta 1


Our Haydn ventured out to the top of Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. The piano had a beautiful view looking towards downtown Portland. This is a place to get away from the city, a place where people exercise, a place where people have family picnics, and a place where Haydn lived for a copule of weeks. We were able to set up a few outdoor concerts with the amazing pianist Asher Fulero.

insta 1

Thank you